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Can you Tally-Ho? UPDATED This document is a description of 35 starting formations for Tally-Ho.  If you know of any others, they will get added.

Dancing Tips

Alter the Wave (C1): When the ends U-Turn, remember to point at the centers holding a crisp diamond formation, rather than join hands to make a star.  The centers should not let go of the handhold until the split counter rotates are finished.  It is easier for the ends to keep track of the number of counter rotates than the centers, as the centers are effectively casting off 5/4 before the flip the diamond.
    Starting Formation: Waves
    Definition: Swing, Centers cast 3/4 while the ends U-Turn, Box Counter Rotate twice, Flip the Diamond

Flip Back (C1): When dancing Flip Back, the original centers will be the ones engaged in the trade.
    Starting Formation: Waves
    Definition: Flip the Line 1/2, Scoot Back.  This is a two part call.
This also tip also applies to Flip Your Neighbor (C2), and Flip Chain Thru (C3A)

Split Transfer (A2):  When dancing Split Transfer, if the leads make an exaggerated circulate path, it will give the trailers more room to complete the arm turn 3/4 and will allow the original leads to follow the original trailers to the ending position.  The call can be thought of as Scoot Back and Box Counter Rotate.
    Starting Formation: Mini-Wave Box
    Definition:  Leads - Box Circulate 2 twice, 1/4 in.  Trailers - Extend, Arm Turn 3/4, Extend.

Criss-Cross The Shadow (C2): For the ends, the hand used for the Cast Off 3/4 is the same hand already in use.  When called, the ends should place their free arm behind their back so they are not tempted to use it.
    Starting Formation: Lines
    Definition: Ends 1/2 Zoom & Slide, Cast Off 3/4, Spread.  Out-Facing Centers Cloverleaf, Slither.  In-Facing Centers Cross Extend, Hinge, Extend

*Disclaimer* - Magic Squares of San Diego promotes dancers using CallerLab approved definitions.  Any alternate definitions and tips mentioned here are to be used as an aid only.  Use of alternate definitions will not always result in the correct ending formation if the call is modified or started from a non-standard position.



Revised 7/7/2016